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This section lists well over a thousand people (with over 360 surnames) from the paternal side of my own family, originating from several parts of England; but particularly from Salford (Lancashire), Rotherham (Yorkshire), Chesterfield (Derbyshire) and Pamber (Hampshire); with a substantial family presence in Bedford. Some of these people will also appear in either the Soper or Robins sections of this website. Note that the 'Ancestor Interest' field denotes that person's relationship to me which, in general, also holds-good for my first cousins too.

You will find a list of the most-commonly occuring surnames in the 'Stats' box towards the bottom-right of this page; though you can search by name - or by place - if you click on the Search (magnifying glass) icon above.

We'd be very pleased to hear from you if you think you are related to anyone mentioned here, and especially so if you can contribute any information or photographs. If you want to get in-touch with us, there is an email link to the main researcher (and also a contact for technical help with this website) at the bottom of each page.

David Lindley


November 2017
Added more details for the Bosvile,Fretwell, Eyre (and associated) families in the Maltby area. These are at the very root of the Lindley line and take that back to 17xGreat Grandparents, born in the 1400s!

October 2017
Added bits 'n' pieces in numerous places on the Tree. Added Rylatt descendents (in the Lincoln area) of Jane Louisa Lindley (1867-1905).

August 2017
Added husband and descendants of Elizabeth Grimshaw; including new surnames Harling, Rostron and Lewis (mainly in the Salford area).

January 2017
Added details for numerous families from the 1939 UK Register.

December 2016
Added parents of Jacob Sims (1776-1869), adding two more generations onto that line; including a new surname BINFIELD in the Tadley area of Hampshire.

June 2016
Added several more generations to the Shirley family in & around Wickersley in South Yorkshire.

November 2015
Added a number of (20th century) birth/marriages years from the GRO Index, and added estimated years to others, so tightening the privacy settings.

March 2015
Added more descendents of Donald Lindley (b 1896 Bedford).

Added marriage and more details for Alfred Lindley (1862- ). Added a few maps showing locations of selected Salford Streets. Corrected name of WBW Lindley's second child to Emma HANNAH Lindley and added her baptism (near Droitwich), marriage and some descendents (new Jones family in the Salford area). Added many of the previously missing 1911 census entry details, quite a bit of detail from the Probate records (addresses, and dates of death, etc) and several marriages from the Lancashire On-Line Parish Clerks website. New surnames Gaskell, Gorton & Evans on the Lawson line (Salford area).

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PLEASE NOTE that there is NO NEED to REGISTER to use this site if - as is most likely - your interest is only in people who are no longer with us. In fact, purely to protect the privacy of living people, Registration is STRICTLY LIMITED to 'family'.  That is, to people who can show that they are direct descendents of people already listed on this website.


At least seven people on the Lindley side of the family have had their DNA tested, mostly through Family Tree DNA. If you have had your DNA tested (whether by, or elsewhere) please let us know - using the link at the bottom of the page - so that they may look for you amongst their own 'matches'.

If you haven't been tested yet, but would be interested in doing so, or want further information, then please get in-touch too.

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